Entertainment News is a flagship television news Entertainment program formatting infortainment which contains interesting news from the world of entertainment at home and abroad based on facts and information that broadcasts on the Indonesian TV station NET. This program also discusses news from the world of music, film, fashion, art, biography and event organizers. And this program has the motto “No Gossip”, this is in accordance with the contents of the programs.[1][2]

Entertainment News was created on 18 May 2013, by Gista Putri and Wishnutama. To greet all viewers, every articles reading always begins with “Good People” (best people), not “Pemirsa” (viewer) till present. Entertainment News is created with many crews, with other crews including Wishnutama, Roan Y. Anprira, Agus Lasmono Sudwikatmono and Gista Putri.
Lifestyle and celebrity
This is focused on celebrities and their lifestyles and feeds off television soap operas, reality television, members of royal families, and the like.[11][12][13] Red carpet reporting and interviewing of celebrities during film festivals and award shows are part of entertainment journalism.[14][15][16][17]

A review or analysis of a motion picture released to the public.[18][19] The critic’s review or analysis is subjective and informative, with a focus to inform and entertain the consumer.[18] Film criticism is considered to have had a major impact on the integration of the cinema into mainstream media.[18] It is stated that film criticism wasn’t fully accepted as an art until film was widely accepted in the 1960s.[18] The Internet has further advanced the acceptance of this entertainment journalism with the introduction of film blogs and film review sites.[18] Some popular film review sites and blogs include Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Metacritic.

Video game
A form of journalism that covers all aspects of the video game industry. The birth of the computer age in the 1990s forced media companies to release content that would attract consumers in the video game generation.[18] Visually stimulating print magazines were introduced into the market, covering the video game industry.[18] Some popular video game review sites and print based magazines include IGN, Game Informer, Nintendo Power, and GameSpot.

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